I have the pleasure of knowing Erynne on many levels. I want to take a moment to speak on some of those.
First, Erynne and I worked together at Apple. I immediately loved her “spunk” and her “drive”. She and I initially worked in separate areas but she quickly decided to pursue the technical side of things. I helped mentor her and train her. As a peer she was always there to help, as a mentee she was always eager to learn and gain knowledge about more than just skill sets she could acquire and as a trainee she was a sponge.
I had the privilege to watch her grow into the amazing woman she has become both professionally and personally. Her eagerness to excel at whatever task she is given big or small is a quality I wish more people had.
I can say this with the utmost confidence, if I were to start my own business or be in any position to hire someone with her qualities I would not hesitate.
Her integrity, loyalty, honesty and work ethic are hard to come across these days.
On a personal level I am beyond blessed to have her in my corner. She pushes me to be a better version of myself and constantly challenges me to think big, do big and impact big!


Camille Syl’estte